A Regular Guy–YES

There’s so much we agree on. It’s a feel good morning. It’s even been a while since I’ve commented on politics, but the politics of food always turns my burners into high gear.

Yes, President Obama took the motorcade across the Potomac yesterday for a burger. Not just any burger but one of Ray’s as in Ray’s Hell Burger. This is a Michael Landrum spot, and it continues to wow. Landrum received the ultimate compliment yesterday when the President and the Vice Presidentburgerprez pulled up, waited in line just like everyone else, and ordered a non-fancy, but expertly cooked burger. He even treated the Press Corps so no one left hungry. I have to admit the line can be daunting so I’m often slathering mine at his other location (the bar) at Ray’s the Classics in Silver Spring.

The second mention for Landrum was in the wine column where the discussion centered around the new wine guy hired to oversee all of his restaurants. That is the pedigreed Mark Slater who came from Michel Richard’s Citronelle to lose his tux and wine cup and create a reasonably priced, as in affordable, wine list. Actually the full circle joke: The President and Michelle dined at Citronelle on Saturday.

Love this First Family–they are alive; they eat, they partake, they are part of the city and the whole metropolitan area.

Washington is feeling it.



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